ASFA byelections begin today

Photo from jasonparis on flickr
Photo from jasonparis on flickr

Byelections for the Arts and Science Federation of Associations are taking place from Nov. 12 to 14, with six candidates in the running.

“Large organizations like ASFA are meant to represent student interests and rights at Concordia,” said ASFA’s CEO Trevor Wilkinson. “Voting, for me, is like a statement to the organization and the University about who we believe is best suited for the job of representing our rights, managing the funds we give them, and ensuring that our interests and voices are heard.”

The positions up for election are Vice-President of Finance, Vice-President of External Affairs and Sustainability and Independent Councillor.

Stefanie Broos and David Ness are the two candidates running for VP finance. Broos is a second year communications student who’s volunteered in past ASFA events and worked as news editor of Dawson’s newspaper The Plant. If elected, Broos promises financial accountability, transparency and availability to all students concerned with ASFA and its finances. She strives for organization and professionalism.

Ness has worked in the financial service industry over the past 3 years. “I have learned a lot about how to run a business, to be frugal, efficient, proper accounting and how to successfully manage a team,” said Ness.

His goal as VP Finance is to help all students by being available as much as possible and hopes to be completely transparent. Ness considers his financial literacy, availability and honesty to be among the characteristics that make him well suited for this position.

Ivan Makhrov and Alexa Hinves are both running for VP external affairs and sustainability. Makhrov is majoring in urban planning and is currently part of the ASFA Social Committee. He is one of the founders of the event planning company TTBA Event-lab where he’s gained marketing and management of information systems experience. Among Makhrov’s goals would be to attract more public attention and sponsors to the university, create new social and entertainment opportunities for ASFA students and create a new Concordia radio show.

Hinves has worked for the Concordia Campus Sustainability Assessment where she became motivated to bring change with regards to sustainability at the university.

“It has also enabled me to learn about some very positive initiatives this university has implemented that I want to promote,” said Hinves.

These initiatives include Divest Concordia and the Food Coalition. Hinves also wants to implement a rideshare program at Concordia and hopes to create new relationships with both large corporations and local businesses to secure potential sponsors next year. Hinves feels suited for this position due to her interpersonal skills, work ethic and dedication.

“I believe I am a very approachable person and am always willing to look at various perspectives of any problem while always taking the time to talk with individuals,” said Hinves.  The candidates running for independent councillor are Tarik Shukr and Melina Ghio. Shukr is a second year student double majoring in political science and philosophy. If elected, Shukr would strive to represent the voice of the entire federation of students. He would do this by striving to improve communication, ensure ASFA is financially responsible and that students benefit from the federation by creating more opportunities for students to connect with ASFA.

Ghio is working on her second degree at Concordia, majoring at the Liberal Arts College and minoring in English Literature. Ghio would bring her experience from the professional world to this position, as when she worked in mortgages she learned to manage stressful situations. “The position itself requires a non-biased perspective so council meetings run smoothly and the by-laws and annexes are respected so one of my goals is to maintain the non-biased attitude expected of me,” said Ghio.

She would also like to inform students about what ASFA does and hopes to get people more engaged with the federation’s activities. Ghio believes her diplomacy, attention to detail and the ability to put up with a lot of pressure will help her in this position.

Polling stations are located at both the Sir George Williams campus, on the first and fourth floor of the Hall building and first floor of the Library building, and at the Loyola campus in the SP building.  



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