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Exploring the raunchier side of Montreal

by Hanna-Joy Farooq November 12, 2013
Exploring the raunchier side of Montreal

The three-day adult consumer show, Sexapalooza, premiered at Montreal’s Palais des congrès on Friday. Organizers were looking for a name that was sexy and fun. The definition of Sexapalooza, “a joyful, copious amount of sex” was the perfect fit, said Andrew James Lewis, floor manager of the event.

Photo by Hanna-Joy Farooq

The venue was kept dimly lit to promote an intimate vibe. Crowds gathered by the main stage to enjoy burlesque shows, erotic dancers and live bondage demonstrations. At the centre of it all were vendors eagerly showcasing their products.

In  the  seminar  room, consumers learned  about  lap  dances, Japanese bondage, sex toys, and BDSM through a variety of explanatory sessions. In the video room, consumers watched educational DVDs about the g-spot and female ejaculation, the art of oral sex, and advanced sexual gadgets provided by the  Alexander Institute—a company that produces sexuality videos for couples and singles.

The show aims to educate people on things about sex and sexuality that they normally   wouldn’t see.Through seminars, educational videos, live demonstrations and a sex museum, Sexapalooza creates an open, welcoming environment where people can truly learn, said Lewis.

“Most people find out about BDSM lifestyle through Google but it doesn’t really cover what practitioners think, whereas if they come to Sexapalooza they can go to “the dungeon,” an area where consumers can experience different sexual practices, and talk to somebody who has that lifestyle, hear what they’re saying, see what they think, and open their mind,” he added.

Sexapalooza stands out from a lot of other shows that emphasize sex more so than the relationships behind it, said Lewis.

“We tried to make it a more fun show—something that you can come to and laugh, rather than one where you come just to see everything that’s there.”

While many other shows are geared towards men, Sexapalooza is aimed at women. Although most of the paraphernalia for sale was for women, vendors also had toys for men. According to Lewis, most people are drawn to the show because they want to learn a specific thing that they saw on the website, or they’re looking for a product that they can’t find—that new, different toy.

“We have everything from paddles to bed sheets,” he said.

The organizers are constantly adding more to the show, from new banners and billboards to getting more vendors.

“If you look at some of our existing shows, like Ottawa, it’s a much larger show. This was our first year in Montreal, and it was less than we expected, but next year we plan on having it twice as big,” said Lewis.


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