Movember team JMo’SB returns for its second year

CASA Cares, Concordia’s non-profit segment of the Commerce and Administration Student Association at the John Molson School of Business (JMSB), aims to raise $12,000 for its second consecutive year partaking in the Movember campaign.

Last year, JMo’SB raised close to $11,000, coming in eighth place out of all participating Canadian universities. Press photo.

The national Movember movement aims to change the face of men’s health by raising awareness and funds to combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges. CASA Cares encourages JMSB students, both Mo’Bros—male participants—and Mo’Sisters to join their Movember team, JMo’SB.

Last year, JMo’SB raised close to $11,000, coming in eighth place out of all participating Canadian universities.

“Everyone really got together and made big things happen,” said Melissa Payette, CASA Cares president. “It was such a successful year.”

The Movember campaign at JMSB was officially launched Oct. 28, 2012 by the director of campaign development for Movember Canada and Quebec representative, Vincent White.

White came to speak at the CASA Cares’ launch for this year’s Movember campaign on Oct. 28, after which many in attendance signed up for the JMo’SB Movember team.

“Most of the people in attendance, especially the guys, came to me later and told me it was really inspiring to hear him talk about men’s health so openly, and they realized it is important to raise awareness,” said Payette.

While JMo’SB has not yet raised nearly as much money as last year, Payette has ensured that CASA Cares executives are working hard to promote the event in order to impact and inspire the student body to help the cause.

“A lot of our big Mo’Bros from last year graduated and so this year it’s been a new round of people signing up and seeing what we’re about,” said Payette. “But a lot of people have signed up [and] come out to our various events throughout the month.”

Payette explained this campaign has also helped to raise awareness of CASA Cares and its other events, as not all students know about this charity committee on campus.

“To me, that’s another form of success all on its own,” said Payette.

At the end of the month, CASA Cares will host a gala at Le Cinq to highlight the efforts of Movember participants.

“The entire executive team has been pouring their heart and soul into our closing gala,” said Payette.

Press photo

At the gala, CASA Cares will be holding a raffle and will be giving out five big prizes. The first prize, the Ultimate Mo, will go to a Mo’Bro judged purely on the intricate grooming and style of his moustache.

Mo’Sistas also have the chance to win, as the Miss Movember prize is awarded to the Mo’Sista judged to have the best dressed and most impressive Movember spirit.

While the campaign demands a lot of work from the CASA Cares executive team, Payette expressed how much she’s learned about organizing large campaigns, among other lessons.

“The biggest lesson, by far, is that no matter how much work you put into a campaign, the people who make it happen are those who sign up and help us raise money,” said Payette.

“We can motivate everyone and plan the most amazing events, but as far as charity goes, our goal is to raise awareness among the student body, and it’s because of them that we’ll be successful and keep Concordia in the top ranking schools, making an impact in our community.”

The CASA Cares Movember gala will be held Friday Nov. 22 at Le Cinq located at 1234 De La Montagne.



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