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Power outage causes men’s rugby game cancellation

by Christine Beaton November 5, 2013
Power outage causes men’s rugby game cancellation

The Stinger’s men’s rugby team. Concordian file photo by Marie-Josée Kelly

The Concordia men’s rugby team was due to play against the Montreal Carabins on Friday, Nov.1, but due to windy conditions and power outages at the Loyola campus, the game was postponed to Sunday, Nov. 3.

Despite the cancellation of the game, the men overpowered the Carabins on Sunday night, winning the game 38-17. This is the sixth win for the Stingers this season, securing them a spot in second place, right below the McGill Redmen.

“Even if the power had come back, the campus security had closed the athletic fields for security reasons due to all the stuff blowing around and they were not going to open it again until the wind died down below the levels we were experiencing,” said head coach Clive Gibson about the game’s cancellation.

Scheduled for 7 p.m., the game against the Carabins was only decided to be postponed at 7:20 p.m. As the Carabins packed up to leave, both coaches could be seen pacing around the building, asking players when they were available to play next.

Eventually, all Stingers disappeared into the locker room and were told that their game would be postponed until Sunday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m.

“There are no back-up generators—not surprising considering the building was constructed in the 1950s. The back-up plan in situations like this is to find an alternate date convenient to both teams which is what we did,” said Gibson.

“We’re all taped and ready to go,” said Nico Krawczyk, a Stingers second row, moments before the game was officially cancelled. “I’d rather just find another field at this point.”

Having only one league game left against Bishop’s before they head into the semi-finals, Gibson is clear about what to expect going into playoffs: “More of the same fast paced, exciting, hard-nosed rugby.”

The Stingers play their final regular season game against Bishop’s on Friday, Nov. 8 at Coulter Field in Lennoxville. Make sure to check out the live-streaming of the game on the Gaiter’s website.

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