Upcoming CSU byelections to be held Nov. 19, 20 & 21

If the numerous posters have yet to catch your eye, you should be aware of the upcoming Concordia Student Council (CSU) byelections running from Nov. 19-21.

The byelections are being held to fill the remaining councillor positions and to have students vote on several referendum questions. The CSU is supposed to have councillors from every program to represent all students as best as possible, though this time around no Independent or Fine Arts students submitted candidacy and those programs will not have direct representation.

For Engineering & Computer Science all three positions are filled, for John Molson (JMSB) there are eight candidates for five positions. The largest amount of candidates is in the Arts & Science (ASFA) department where there are nine candidates for four spots.

CSU President Melissa Kate Wheeler encourages students to participate and states that it is a great experience.

“Working through the Union to better our community has been the single most fulfilling experience of my professional life. It has transformed the way I see my world, while offering skills and tools necessary to create a better tomorrow. I’ve learned what it means to manage a team, and what it feels like to work collectively towards large scale goals,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler also encourages students to take initiative and vote to get the strong representation they need,

“The CSU offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in their community, impacting their peers and creating change in ways that matter to them. It is an underused resource that too often goes untapped by talented, passionate students. Concordia’s undergraduates need strong representatives who will fight for social justice and for doing things the right way.”

The campaigning period ends on Nov. 18, the day before the polling period starts. CSU has set up a Facebook page and a special website just for the event, giving students as much easily accessible information on all the candidates as possible.

“We have also contacted certain members of faculties who do not have adequate representation on council via e-mail contact lists, utilized word of mouth campaigns and of course allowed for our greatest asset, the referendum committees and candidates to engage the voting public through in-class speeches, postering and meet-and-greets scattered around campus,” said Chief Electoral Officer Andre-Marcel Baril.

A brief rundown of the candidates are as follows. From Engineering & Computer Science; Alaa Ajam, a 24-year-old student doing his second undergrad in Building Engineering. Alaa now wishes to step up his involvement in student life by joining the CSU.

Also running is Ahmad Choukair, a first year Electrical Engineering student. During his time at Champlain College he was highly involved and active in student activities and school politics and has brought that same enthusiasm to Concordia University.

The final engineering candidate is Kyle Arseneau, a 23-year-old, third year building engineering student. Arseneau is currently President of the Concordia University Building Engineering Society.

The eight candidates running for the five JMSB spots are: Michael Richardson, currently VP External Affairs for Commerce and Administration Students’ Association (CASA). With regards to student’s interests Richardson said, “I take these responsibilities to heart.”

Ahmed Mustafa is a second year International Finance student from Yemen. Mustafa is currently Vice President and VP Communications at Ramadan Ghair, a Yemeni humanitarian organization.

Soufian El Malki is a JMSB Accounting major in his final year. If elected, El Malki stated, “I will maximize your university experience as a JMSB student.”

Mohamed Nasser was part of the Darfur Club, a student run charity that raised money to help bring awareness to the tragic situation in Darfur.

Kabir Bindra is a third year Management major. Bindra was a competitor in the Jeux-Du-Commerce debate, “The training for the competitions really made me be able to think on my feet, analyze two sides of an argument, and gave me valuable critical thinking skills.” Bindra also encourages students to approach him about his stances.

Virginia Law is a Finance major, and in CEGEP she planned a humanitarian trip to Nicaragua where she helped set up and run a mobile clinic. “I am only 4’9,” but I have a strong voice, and if I get chosen to be on council, I will make sure it represents you” said Law.

Maylen Cytryn is a second year Management major who is currently the Chairperson for CASA and Vice President of the John Molson Marketing Association (JMMA). Cytryn also urges students to contact her, and gives her e-mail on the byelections website.

The last candidate for JMSB is Patrick Rivest.

The candidates for ASFA are: Alexandre Hureau, an Anthropology and Sustainability major whose main goal is to make the food system more sustainable and to give Concordia a more holistic approach to the way it runs itself and tackles problems.

Majed Jamous is a second year student studying Human Relations with a minor in

Education. Jamous is the VP External for the Muslim Students Association.

Patricia Martone is a second year Psychology Honors major who has been an active volunteer for ASFA and the Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association (CUPA).

Gabriel Velasco is in his third year of his undergrad. He has big, sustainable food plans for Concordia students, “A vote for me, will insure a fresh, uncompromisingly progressive voice on campus.”

Damian Skulic is a Biophysics major who enjoys traveling and hopes to join the CSU mandate.

Charles Bourassa is studying Western Society & Culture and hopes to bridge the gap between social and academic events. If you have any questions, Bourassa shared his e-mail on the byelectionss website.

Shahzad Dal is a second year Economics student. Dal would like to ensure more programs and workshops are created to helps students find jobs after graduation.

Justin Caruso is a second year Human Relations major whose main focus is equality and sustainability.

Also running for a position is Youssef Ennajimi.

For more information visit csuelections.wordpress.com



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