Poet’s Corner: Twin-kle Merry Christmas


                       Emma and William.

                   Every-theme Christmas.

                Cards with candy from friends,

           cinnamon-hot chocolate, hanging out,

       Reindeer paper mâché, carolling in the Eve.

            William’s so silly, cheeks bright red,

        Emma dressed in green, oh mighty gleam.

They dream what Silent Night, Cookies milk for proof,

Canadian chill still, snow globe essence, red bow ready,

         Emma cuddles teddy, William cocoons wool,

Celebration on the horizon, the great light broken silence

          Eyes Open,”Mommy-Daddy!” burst into bliss,

“Merry Christmas” honey bunnies, Hugs cuddling warm hearts,

 eggs orange-juice bacon toast, Socks full of surprises,

 Dressing snazzy, frosty car, choir children Bethlehem,

    Hallelujah! Turkey trimmings-we are stuffed,

                 Singing Dancing Laughing,

                              Snoring fire.

                               Divine birth,

                              Lord we Love!


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