Apartment 200 brings the house party to the bar

Photo by Marie-Philippe Saltiel
Photo by Marie-Philippe Saltiel

On frigid winter nights, no one really feels like stepping outside to head to the Main, home to many clubs and bars that may have you waiting in long lines. However, Apartment 200’s modern and warm barcade theme, designed to look just like an apartment, leaves you feeling like you never left home.

The bar is the backdrop to a fully furnished loft where you’ll find everything from coffee tables and comfy couches to a bedroom. You’ll also find plants scattered throughout the bar adding to the homey touch. Its rustic vibe melts the bar atmosphere away and has you believing that you’re at a friend’s house party.

As all house parties go, music is key. Apartment 200 is known for spitting out old and new hip hop, rap and R&B tunes by artists such as Blackstreet, Jay-Z, Kanye West and 2 Chainz to name a few.

Bars can be notorious for blaring music where the only way to have a conversation is if you’re standing two millimeters away from a friend, but Apartment 200 gives you the privilege of not having to bust a vocal chord. It’s definitely a great place to socialize, and maybe even bring a date to.

Other than it’s homey feel, what makes this bar stand out from other bars is that it comes complete with vintage arcade games. Scattered around the apartment are games such as Pac-man, Time Crisis 2, NFL Blitz 2001, pool tables, a dome hockey table, racing arcade games, and arcade basketball hoops. All of which will take you for a trip down memory lane and make for a great entertaining night.

This laid-back bar has the added bonus of laid-back prices. Arcade games only cost 50 cents, except for Sundays which are free, and pints are priced at $8.

Apartment 200’s home away from home concept works and makes it a great dive for winter nights.

Apartment 200 is located on 3643 Saint Laurent Blvd.

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