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Concordia to have outdoor rink built at Loyola

by Andrew Davis January 21, 2014
Concordia to have outdoor rink built at Loyola

The Applied Human Sciences Student Association (AHSCSA) is working in collaboration with the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) and the Concordia Student Union (CSU) to build a skating rink on the football field at the Loyola campus.

Photo by Keith Race

The project is an AHSCSA initiative, and is designed, according to its proposal, “to promote and create a sense of belonging and community for Concordia students, faculty and staff.”

As written in the proposal, “The Applied Human Sciences Student Association wants to promote leadership, active participation, and sense of community and inspire current and future Concordia students to plan, lead, and manage projects and events, and to take initiatives in being an active member of the Concordia community.”

The proposed skating rink would be located on Concordia’s turf field in the end zone closest to the Department of Recreation and Athletics building. The rink would measure 60 feet by 120 feet, and would be enclosed by wooden hockey boards.

The project has already received the support of numerous Concordia groups and departments, including the Athletics and Recreation Department, the Dean of Students Office, Gerry Barrette, (Concordia property manager), Loyola Campus Residence, ASFA, and CSU. Plans have already been made for maintenance, scheduling, emergency protocol, and security.

Sean Nolan, Vice President of Social Affairs for ASFA, is one of the co-founders of the project.

“In September, AHSC president Krzysiek Kmiecik approached me about having a rink on campus and we have been working on the project together since,” said Nolan.

Nolan is very confident that the rink will be beneficial for Concordia students.

“I believe this outdoor rink project would really benefit Concordia students, especially those living in the residences on Loyola Campus,” he said. “With this rink, we can organize skating events for all Concordia students, as well as make residence life a bit more entertaining.”

Nolan is also hopeful that the rink will be equipped with an outdoor sound system, so that participants can enjoy music while they skate. CJLO has also stated that they are interested in broadcasting live from the skating rink.

“Other recreational projects revolving around this rink would be night time skating events where students would be able to skate around the rink and enjoy music,” said Nolan. “Furthermore, we are looking into providing hot chocolate and coffee for skaters.”

The rink will also benefit Concordia’s student-athletes, according to the proposal.

“The rink will provide an opportunity for the Concordia Stinger student-athletes to get involved on a voluntary or paid work basis. There will also be opportunity for student and student-athlete interaction, community building, and reinforcing student support for the Stingers.”

There is also the possibility of involving both the men’s and women’s hockey teams in providing skating lessons and animating activities. Hockey tournaments will also be organized by Nolan.

According to Nolan, the rink will begin to be built as of Tuesday, Jan.21, now that Montreal is expecting some colder weather.

“It’s been a pretty bad year for outdoor rinks in Montreal with all this warm January weather we’ve been having,” said Nolan.


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Steven Henle January 22, 2014 - 08:08

Thanks for the press, the boards are up and I suggest that a better story would be possible on opening day if you interview the Kris from the AHSC student association who put this project together and who is managing the operations. Designing, planning and running recreation facilities and programs is part of the learning in Leisure Sciences. Proving healthy, social recreation opportunities at Concordia through this project is a win-win. The Concordia committee benefits and the AHSC students have the opportunity to showcase what they can accomplish.

Samantha Mileto January 24, 2014 - 00:18

Hi Steven! Do you know when opening day is? I’d definitely publish something about it later on to see how things are progressing. You can e-mail me with an questions/info at sports@theconcordian.com. Also, I think Kris already spoke to Andrew, about an update on the rink


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