Get on your armour: it’s winter in the city

Photo by Keith Race

As the winter months drag on and the harsh Quebec temperatures start to take a toll on us, an outdoor music festival might not sound optimal. But don’t let the cold ruin your plans, go out and have some fun.

Even though the summer is synonymous with festivals, people may not see the winter months the same way.

Standing around in the frigid wind and snow all night is not everybody’s cup of tea. But, this is Montreal. There’s always something to do, even when it’s freezing out. How can we call ourselves Canadians if we cower inside all winter?

That’s where IglooFest comes in. The electronic music festival, which has been going strong for eight years now, doesn’t let a little thing like temperature get in the way. Year after year, thousands of people crowd the Old Port for a frosty night out with some of the best DJs around. It’s one of the hottest events of the season, no pun intended.

So what’s the appeal of an outdoor music festival in the winter?

First of all, it doesn’t matter what you wear. Some people spend days, even weeks, trying to figure out what trendy outfit to wear to Osheaga, but for an event like IglooFest, nobody will see your outfit.

Throw on your winter coat, a tuque, some gloves, and your warmest pair of boots, and you’re ready for your night out. No fuss, no muss.

There’s also no need to worry about sunburns, heatstroke, or unsightly sweat stains. Spending hours outside waiting in hopes of meeting your favourite band at Warped Tour takes a toll on you. If you go too long without water — which, considering how much a water bottle costs, will probably happen — or forget to put on sunscreen, you’ll be sorry. If you’re ingesting alcohol, it could be even worse.

In the winter, there’s no need to worry about any of that. As long as you avoid frostbite, you’ll be fine.

In the summer, being stuck in a crowd is far from enjoyable — having all of those sweaty, smelly people rubbing up against you.

Photo by Keith Race

However, if it’s below zero outside, chances are the crowd experience will be a lot more pleasant. Don’t forget, the best way to keep warm is body heat. Use that as your excuse to cozy up to someone and dance the night away.

Just like any other festival, you need to be prepared. Check the weather before you leave the house so that you dress appropriately. If it’s really cold out — which we all know is probable — you might want to wear an extra pair of socks and a thick sweater. You can also buy a pack of thermal hand warmers, which can be found at most dollar stores.

If you’re prepared, there’s no reason why you can’t have just as much fun in the snow as you do on the grass. So bundle up, get some drinks, and enjoy the music.


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