Maica Mia dive into new territory with their upcoming album

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Since the band’s inception nearly two years ago, Maica Mia has undergone some major group reconfigurations. What was initially a duo consisting of Concordia graduate student Maica Armata and Jonny Paradise, has now developed into a three-piece and at times a four or even five-piece collective of dedicated friends and musicians.

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“Now it’s definitely a full band,” said Armata, the band’s vocalist and guitarist. “We’ve got a bigger template to work with.”

Having enlisted Godspeed You! Black Emperor bassist Mauro Pezzente, the band will be releasing Des Era, the follow-up to their debut album, Sparcity Blues.

“When you throw in another perspective, it’s also kind of nice,” Armata said.

The album features almost an hour of experimental rock sounds and instrumentation over five tracks.

“We’re exploring new territory,” explained Armata.

According to the songstress, the album is “a lot more heavy, a lot more intense, a lot more rock.”

The record’s first single, “Eugene,” showcases equally each individual member’s playing in a spectral manner: the track builds up slowly with intensity and transforms itself into a cataclysmic sequence of percussion, guitar and bass.

Like “Eugene,” “Wish” is eight minutes of transcendental instrumentals with just the right amount of guitar feedback reverberating from the amplifiers.

“There’s a lot more layers involved,” noted Armata of the album. “It’s definitely a lot more experimental rock.”

Des Era is laced with ethereal instrumental qualities, paired with Armata’s soulfully textured vocals. On the title track, Armata’s self-described “non-conventional” guitar playing is featured prominently alongside Paradise’s steady drumming.

Since The Concordian last spoke with Maica Mia, before the Pop Montreal festival in September, they have gone on to play several other festivals including M for Montreal. Despite each member balancing bandwork with non-musical endeavours, the trio have been anxiously awaiting the release of their new album.

“We’re working on getting our ducks lined up for the album launch,” laughed Armata.

The album, which officially drops on Jan. 28, will be available through electronic download and on vinyl as well.

“I just think that there’s something very romantic about [vinyl],” she said. “If in a thousand years, somebody could find a record, and find an artefact of this time, I think that is so precious.”

Maica Mia will be performing at La Sala Rossa for their album launch on Jan. 24 with guests Ought, Essaie Pas, and DJ Babi Audi.


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