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by Jessica Romera January 21, 2014
Music in the news

Stage collapses at Luke Bryan concert

Country music sensation Luke Bryan’s concert stage collapsed in Columbus, OH last week, postponing the country star’s next scheduled performance, according to Rolling Stone. The stage reportedly collapsed after the show, injuring and sending several members of the crew to the hospital. TMZ reported that the accident occurred after “a forklift reportedly crashed into a portion of the stage.” Bryan, who won artist of the year at the 2013 American Country Awards, has a string of upcoming tour dates to perform.


Queen guitarist gets a clean bill of health

Following a health scare in 2013, Queen guitarist Brian May has been given the “all-clear” for prostate cancer after a series of tests, as reported in The Guardian. Upon receiving the good news, May wrote in his blog that he celebrated in the studio with a cup of tea. Recently, May has been spending time in the studio with fellow Queen drummer and bandmate Roger Taylor for a possible release of unfinished material dating back to recording sessions from the 1980s. May also wrote that he “can’t help but feel a buzz. I’m energised again. It’s nice to be putting the Queen hat on again for a while. This year will be interesting, to say the least.”


The Church of Yeezus

It would appear that The Church of Yeezus, or Yeezianity, is indeed a new, real religion. According to Noisey, the founder of the religion based on rap sensation Kanye West would like to remain anonymous because he “fears that any name-association with the religion will ruin it’s goal to help people anonymously.” The religion is based on five essential pillars including “No human being’s right to express themselves must ever be repressed.” As of now, West has not commented on the religion that bears his name.


Lady Gaga no longer blacklisted in China

Since 2011, many of Lady Gaga’s tracks have been banned by the Chinese government due to the fact that they posed a threat to “national cultural security.” However, NME reports that her latest album, ARTPOP, has been in its entirety approved, lifting the Chinese Ministry of Culture’s ban. The pop star has tweeted that she now hopes she can “come to perform.” Other songs blacklisted in the country include material from Beyonce and Katy Perry.



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