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Music in the News – Jan 7, 2013

by Jessica Romera January 7, 2014
Music in the News – Jan 7, 2013

M.I.A drops Roc Nation

After nearly a year and a half,  M.I.A has decided to part ways with Roc Nation, Jay Z’s management company. Rolling Stone reports that the rapper and songwriter announced her decision via Twitter on Jan. 1. Although no official reasons for her departure have been released, M.I.A’s time at the music mogul’s company appears to have been tumultuous, with several major mishaps throughout the production and release of her latest album, Matangi. In another tweet from the rapper, M.I.A seemed to enlist the help of her Twitter followers to fill newly vacant management positions. No statement has been released by Roc Nation as of yet.

Morrissey to write a novel

Morrissey, the former frontman of The Smiths, has stated that he is in the process of writing his first novel. With his recently released autobiography, entitled simply Autobiography, Morrissey wanted to try his hand at fiction writing, claiming that his autobiography “has been more successful than any record I have ever released,” according to a Q&A on his official fan site. He also revealed that he will be heading to the recording studio with new material. No release date has been set for the novel or the album. Former bandmate, Mike Joyce, stated in an interview with Q Magazine that he has no intention of ever reading the autobiography, claiming that he already has a “pretty good idea of what’s in there.”

Jimi Hendrix’s London home turns into a museum

The flat where legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix lived for several years in London will be turned into a permanent exhibit dedicated to the musician’s life and legacy. For the last decade or so, the flat has been used as office space for the Handel House Museum staff who commemorate another of the building’s famous residents: German composer George Frederic Handel, who lived in the flat next door during the 18th century. The exhibit will attempt to recreate Hendrix’s former living space with some of the apartment’s actual pieces from decades ago as well as pieces from his “life, work and musical legacy,” according to NME Magazine. Along with the permanent displays, the exhibit will provide a space where visitors can learn about rock music, and the Baroque style as well.


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