New Moon Psychedelic Mass takes off


In honour of the new lunar cycle, the first ever New Moon Psychedelic Mass will be taking place on Jan. 30 at Café Cléopatra.


“What we’re going to do is have a 10 minute new moon ceremony where people write down on a piece of paper what they see for their lives for the next month,” said event organizer Michael Noom, “and to sort of connect with the concept of the new moon and the cosmos.”

The event will center around celebrating the new moon cycle, much like people celebrate New Year’s Eve on Dec. 31.  Along with a brief period of meditation and spirituality, the night will feature work by local filmmakers, live performances from djs and other musicians, various artistic activities, including face painting and chess.

“Generally everyone involved wanted to create an environment for people to be creative, to be open and connect. But it’s not ‘New Agey’ or anything,” said NooM.

“The celebration nourishes the idea that the new moon on the lunar calendar represents a time of renewal,” said Ashley Zver Volel, one of the event’s promoters.

Although there is an important underlying spiritual nature to the evening, Noom explains that there is so much more to it. Instead of constantly over-indulging in a nightlife culture saturated purely with hedonistic pleasures, we should be catering to a more creative part of ourselves as well.

“Night life should be more than just drinking beer and bullshit,” he said. “Your regular person who goes out for a drink can also look for a little enlightenment and connection and more depth in their evening.”

With an amalgamation of different artistic and musical components, NooM hopes that this first New Moon Psychedelic Mass will attract people from all walks of life to come show their work, meet new people and connect on a deeper level.

“Trippy music, provoking visuals alongside good people and nothing but positive energy-the night should be one to look forward to,” said Zver Volel.

Despite being relatively new, New Moon Psychedelic Mass is already attracting a growing following. With another evening of music, art and meditation already set for early March at Il Motore, NooM hopes to turn the event into a monthly occurrence.

“I know it sounds hokey but I just want people from different social compartments to meet each other and integrate and get inspired.”

New Moon Psychedelic Mass will take place Jan.30 at 9 p.m at Café Cléopatra at 1230 Blvd. St-Laurent. Entrance is free before 10 p.m, $5 cover after.  Check out the Facebook event here.


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