Poet’s Corner: Where the Bliss Lies

A slip of the tongue

Words you think you shouldn’t say

“They won’t listen anyway”, you say

As you head to the front of the line

In uniforms standing, wondering if the sun would ever shine


We fought too much to see the reality

An eye for an eye, at the least the vacation is free

All the lines drawn, all the films made

All the stories told, all the work you paid

Has gone for bickering

All along, two sides of the same coin

We were too naïve to know the difference

That there was no difference

A drunken mayor in the headlines

The word on the street, it’s a decoy

When really he’s just one of us

It worked well; his name is on everyone’s lips

While they continue to draw the eclipse

To make you believe the news is news

When the real story is kept under wraps

Otherwise the revolt might break the glass


A slip of the mind

Dancing shadows on the wall

We can do so much better than this

Since a soft landing won’t break the fall

For ignorance is not bliss

Knowing makes an easy target

But think of what you might miss

Without truth’s liberating kiss



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