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Bill Burr on hockey, Jerry Seinfeld and Montreal

by Ayan Chowdhury February 25, 2014
Bill Burr on hockey, Jerry Seinfeld and Montreal

Photo by Koury Angelo

The Concordian had a nice 15-minute chat with Bill Burr over the phone last Friday. Ten minutes of that interview was spent talking about hockey.

When the Massachusetts native (and Boston Bruins fan) isn’t working on FOX’s hit comedy New Girl, or appearing on AMC’s groundbreaking show Breaking Bad, or telling stories on his popular Monday Morning Podcast, or selling out Carnegie Hall and other major venues across the world, he’s watching hockey.

On this day (Friday, Feb. 21), there’s an important game to be played. It’s the Olympic men’s hockey semi-final between Canada and the U.S. Burr tells me he’s hoping to find a bar in Virginia where he can watch Team USA exact their long-awaited revenge against Team Canada. As we now know, he’s about to be sadly disappointed.

For a widely respected comic who’s becoming increasingly famous by the day, a man known for his hilarious rants, Burr isn’t only easy to talk to, he’s evidently friendly and down-to-earth.

Burr’s already looking forward to his show in Montreal next week, a city which he loves for its beautiful parks, its many restaurants and especially its love of comedy. He’s excited to visit during March (he’s only ever been here for the Just For Laughs festival in the summer). I don’t have the heart to warn him of our ‘spring’ weather.

Despite Burr’s widespread popularity, the man remains humble. When I ask him what he took away from watching Bill Cosby perform recently, he laughs and says “I took away  that I suck [in comparison].”

When I inquired about the possibility of an appearance on Jerry Seinfeld’s webseries, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, he admits that they’ve already discussed it and it’s now a matter of scheduling. He emphatically adds, “Seinfeld is the king.”

During the ‘90s, he reminds me, the old Montreal Forum was once the “house of horrors” for a Bruins fan. It’s safe to say that in March, the Metropolis should be a veritable house of laughs.

Bill Burr will be performing standup comedy on March 5 and 11 at the Metropolis. For more information on Bill Burr’s upcoming show in Montreal, visit: montrealmetropolis.ca


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