Mik Brown finds her voice on her debut album Miss Mik

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In a world plastered with inspirational posters and where pseudo-individuality is broadcast from every Facebook page, it’s refreshing to find someone who legitimately believes in making sacrifices in order to follow their dreams. Mik Brown is such a person.

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Brown grew up in a family of academics and graduated from Berkeley University with a degree in cognitive science. With a bright and no doubt lucrative future ahead, she decided to give it up to pursue her passion for music and try to make it big in Los Angeles.

A year later, Brown was invited to perform at the Grammy’s after-party and is working on the release of her first album, titled Miss Mik.

“I’ve always been an artist at heart,” said Brown. “For me it was really about finding the strength and the confidence to really break away from the norm and really pursue what was in my heart.”

Her words may sound cliché, but Brown is the real deal. Having always been drawn to art and poetry, it took a while before she was able to find her voice.

“I always wished I could sing and, you know, I don’t have a typical singer’s voice, so I didn’t really feel like that was an option,” she said. “As my poetry progressed and I started to think — you know, I can really rap.”

Brown’s single, “Let’s Werk,” is a dancey hip-hop track with about 100,000 views on VEVO. She describes her music as a combination of various elements including pop, rap, and dance.

“I like to listen to music that makes me feel good. I like upbeat music,” she explained. “That’s why a lot of the songs on my album are dance-inspired tracks because I really like something that’s going to get me going.”

Miss Mik is set to be released in late February or early March and will feature a little bit of everything.

“So you have your fun dance music and some things [that are] a little harder. My next single, “Respect” is like that. It’s kind of rock with some heavy guitars and more in your face.”

Brown compares her journey towards stardom to a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, “You gotta start with the corners of whatever pieces look like they fit together and just build from there,” she said.

Having moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music, Brown feels that “it’s really inspiring to be able to make a mark in a big city. The other thing about L.A., it has so much to offer in terms of the history and the possibilities. You can pretty much do anything here. It’s a little bit surreal, but very exciting.”

She says that in order to make it big in this industry, it requires “a combination of preparation and opportunity and tenacity. You have to be prepared and you have to keep putting yourself out there. And if you do that, then eventually opportunities will come.”

Most of all, Brown finds satisfaction in performing her music live. “Getting to that point where I’m able to bring it to the people and share with them this whole process of creation. It’s really when I get to deliver everything, and that’s the most rewarding part for me.”

Brown is also intent on using her art and status to speak out on issues that are important to her. She recently performed at the No Bull Music Showcase, an event that seeks to raise awareness about bullying.

“I think that my message is really empowering and really positive and so it’s an honour to be able to represent an [organization] like this with my music,” she said. “Especially because, I think a lot of artists growing up were like nerds or introverts and misunderstood, and did get bullied, and for us to have surpassed that and be the ones who are looked up to now… it’s really important for us to speak out and to give people who are coming up faith.”

As for what the future holds, Brown hopes to keep gaining momentum and doing what she loves.

“I really feel like the sky’s the limit.”


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