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Music in the News – Feb. 15, 2014

by Jessica Romera February 25, 2014
Music in the News – Feb. 15, 2014

Pharrell auctions off “mountain” Grammy hat

The infamous brown hat that music mogul, Pharrell Williams, sported at the 2014 Grammy Awards is being auctioned off, reports Rolling Stone. Since making its debut television appearance earlier last month, Williams’ headpiece has been making its way steadily onto almost every media outlet, drawing comparisons to Smokey The Bear and Arby’s logo. The Vivienne Westwood hat, described on the auction website as a “mountain hat,” is starting at $10,500 on eBay. The funds collected from the auction will go towards the organization, From One Hand To The Other, started by Williams in 2008.


Bright Eyes frontman sues over rape allegations

Conor Oberst of the indie band Bright Eyes is filing a defamation lawsuit after being accused of rape, reports NME. In the comments section of xojane.com, a woman accused Oberst of raping her nearly a decade ago when she was 16 years old, says TMZ. Oberst is denying all allegations, and is suing the woman for the defamatory and damaging rumours against him for $1 million. In a recent public statement, Oberst’s publicist stated that “the recent allegations made about Conor Oberst by an anonymous commenter on the xoJane website are flagrant enough to demand our response. This individual’s accusations are absolutely, unequivocally false.”


The Exploited’s Wattie Buchan collapses during performance

Lead singer of band The Exploited, Wattie Buchan, collapsed during a live performance in Lisbon, Portugal, due to a heart attack. The frontman of the Scottish punk band has reportedly been in the hospital since the show last week, according to The Daily Record. All upcoming tour dates with fellow bands Hatebreed and Napalm Death have been pushed back to May at the earliest. In a recent statement, a spokesperson said that “due to a severe illness Wattie can’t continue with the tour. He will be in hospital for at least a week.” The Exploited last released an album in 2003 and were scheduled to make a stop in Montreal, but the show was cancelled after the group was denied access into the country.


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