A new way to fight the bulge

Back in January of 1985, Daniel Eamer’s New Year’s resolution was to get in shape. Unlike most of the people who pick this resolution, Eamer kept his promise.

His combination of fitness, proper eating, and training worked so well that he discovered a new passion, and decided to become a personal trainer. He completed a bachelor of science degree in exercise science at Concordia in 1995, and now holds the title of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association based in the United States.

It’s safe to say that, in the last 28 years of working as a personal trainer, and having done lots of research, Eamer has learned a lot about weight loss and building muscle mass. His newest book, The Fat Burner Secrets, is the program Eamer felt was missing from the market. He was also sick of the lack of user-friendly information and the excess of inaccurate information available on weight loss.

“I never saw a book that did it the way I wanted it to be done, so I created the product that I wanted at the time. It gives people the information they can use. It’s based on real world experiences, based on 28 years of conversations and experimentation. It’s based on the real world,” Eamer said.

It took him 17 years to complete the book. The Fat Burner Secrets is very different from a typical weight loss book; it follows fictional characters, Dan and Michelle, who are struggling to lose weight. The book teaches readers how to exercise and how to eat, and teaches them the Food Filters tool, which teaches the reader to become a virtual food analysis expert. With simple lifestyle and exercise changes, Dan and Michelle completely transform their bodies.

The humorous story helps readers associate with the problems at hand and gets them to read the entire book.

“A lot of clients told me that it worked, that they read the book from the beginning to the end,” Eamer said. “I wanted to give it life, it’s real people talking about real challenges and real issues, and having real suggestions and real solutions.”

Eamer’s other book, The Muscle Builder Secrets, follows the same characters, tying in the stories. Eamer is currently working on a third book which will also follow the same format and characters, which will concentrate on aging, especially for the baby boomer generation.

One of Eamer’s main criteria for the program was that it had to be simple. The program involves no counting of calories or portion weighing; there is no math involved. He also wanted the program to adapt to people’s individual needs, and to compliment other programs available.

“It would be very big headed of myself to think of this as the ultimate program,” Eamer said. “It’s not the ultimate program because that might be a combination of two or three different approaches. The book helps people create their personal approach.”

His advice for Concordia students who are struggling with weight gain is quite simple: prepare your own food, and go to the gym between classes.

“I took control of the situation by preparing my meals in advance. I would leave in the morning with two to three complete meals with me. I could control what I put into my system,” Eamer said.

He also said that he would go to the gym on campus between classes, even when he only had a 45-minute break. This combination of techniques helped him stay fit during school.

When it comes to losing weight, Eamer believes two things are key: “Don’t accept what people are telling you. Study. Get the information, the real information. Get informed, and have patience with the process.”

To learn more about Daniel Eamer and his methods, or to download the first two chapters of The Fat Burner Secrets, visit danieleamer.com.


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