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Correction Notice March 18’14

by The Concordian March 19, 2014

On March 18’14, the article , “Updates from your Concordia Student Union,” presented incomplete and misleading information regarding the CSU Executives’ proposal to council regarding the motion to enter into negotiations with the university’s archives department for storage of the CSU’s documents. The paragraph should have read as follows:

“The CSU executive proposed entering into an agreement with Concordia’s archives department wherein the CSU would donate their archives to the department and give responsibility for the filing and maintenance of said documents to them. As the CSU currently has no unified means of archiving their documents, this would provide an ideal solution. The motion asked that the Council grant the executive permission to enter into a process of negotiation with the university’s archives department for the purpose of reaching an agreement whereby the CSU’s documents would be moved to the archives department. However, the executive was adamant that if given authority by the Council to pursue negotiations toward an agreement, they would not formally agree to anything without first bringing the agreement to council.”

The article also incorrectly attributed the following paragraph’s information to the CSU meeting on March 12. The 2014-2015 budget and President Shepard’s remarks did not take place at the council meeting, this item was discussed at the Board of Governors meeting.

“In total there were three items removed from the consent agenda including the finance committee report due to insufficient information regarding the 2014-15 budget. However,  according to President Shepard, by May’s meeting there will be more details available.”

Furthermore, the ‘Quebec firm,’ referenced in relation to a proposal regarding funding of a research project, should have said representatives from La FEUS (Federation Etudiante Universitaire de Sherbrooke).

 We sincerely apologize for having published this misinformation.

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