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Finally, a simple way to health care

by Evan Scammell March 25, 2014
Finally, a simple way to health care

CSU’s health-plan provider launches a mobile application

The Alliance pour la santé étudiante au Québec (ASEQ) has created a new mobile application designed to help students access their ihaveaplan accounts at Concordia on their mobile devices making it more convenient for its users to take advantage of health, dental, vision and travel coverage.

The mobile application is available online, in the Apple app store, free of charge, and can be used with Apple mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, and iPods. An Android version of the application will be available but according to Callan Davey, a program manager for the ASEQ, a specific release date has not been set.

The user will be able to take a picture of their receipt for their prescription, dental, and health expenses with their smartphone or

Graphic by Jenny Kwan

tablet and send it directly to the insurance companies with the application, with a confirmation period of five business days. The application also keeps track of the users payment history and offers a special service for non-Quebec residents, by using a ‘pay-direct card’, meaning that the user can have their claims processed immediately.

The service also provides emergency travel contact information, 24 hours a day. This means that if a user is in another country, perhaps doing an exchange, and has a medical emergency, the app will help them get in touch with a specialist from Canada. They can then be directed to the nearest health service location.

“The CSU is extremely pleased with the new mobile application and we are always looking to improve student services,” said CSU President, Melissa Kate Wheeler. “We are convinced that this app will provide our members with easier access to health-care benefits. We’re happy that ASEQ understands the needs and habits of our students.’’

The CSU at Concordia has been collaborating with the ASEQ almost since its foundation in 1996, being one of the first schools to participate in the ihaveaplan service. The organization deals with school councils exclusively and currently has over 650,000 student users across Canada.

Davey explained that the organization needs to conform with the growing technological community at schools, making their service more accessible and easy to use in an age where almost everyone has their own personal electronic device.

The organization expressed they also want to move forward with the environmental standards of the future.

“The ihaveaplan mobile app is designed to make as many ASEQ services as paperless as possible, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future for students,” said Lev Bukhman, executive director.

The organization has also participated in Climate Smart’s training program for businesses and were early adopters of a greenhouse gas emissions management strategy, according the their website.

For more information go to www.ihaveaplan.ca

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