Holy Crepe! Don’t miss out this sweet place

Photo by Angela De Cicco

Cacao 70 knows there’s no such thing as too much chocolate

You are sure to find a lineup at one of Montreal’s sweetest chocolate spots, Cacao 70. But once inside, you’ll never want to leave this heaven of chocolatey goodness.

Decked in heartwarming bookshelves, wooden tables, and a chalk board menu, Cacao 70 is inviting with both is delectable aroma and charming atmosphere. They also play some pretty good tracks; this night featured The Arctic Monkeys’ new album.

Photo by Angela De Cicco

Despite it being a particularly busy evening, my friend and I were greeted with hospitality by a sweeter-than-sugar waitress. She could’ve been made of chocolate herself, who knows. My eyes were glazed by the variety of fondues and crepes to choose from all served with your choice of semi-sweet, dark, milk or white chocolate.

I ordered the classic chocolate fondue served with seasonal fresh fruits and small pastries. Delivered on a lovely wooden cutting board were chopped up pineapple, strawberries, bananas, powdered brownie cubes, fluffy waffle squares and a bubbling mug of hot melted milk chocolate. The moist and light brownies were my favorite. It was love at first bite.

My friend ordered a thin French crepe stuffed with Nutella and fresh strawberries. I know, how perfect.

To avoid overloading on the chocolate I skipped out on ordering something off the drink menu. But what happened next could not have been more fated. After being served our plates, the waitress brought over two semi-sweet American-styled hot chocolate espresso cups because we were first-timers at Cacao 70.

Other items on the menu include chocolate peanut butter pizza and parfaits served with your choice of ice cream and toppings. Cacao 70 offers up a brunch menu with salted crepes and lunch sandwiches to satisfy those salty cravings. Cacao 70 also has options to satiate vegan cravings. It’s a great spot for a date, a girls’ night out or to connect to their wifi and make studying a little more indulgent.

On my second go around, I’ll be sure to try their chocolate beer. In the meantime, I will try and recover from my chocolate coma.

Cacao 70 is located on 2087 Ste. Catherine West.

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