Masculinity and femininity explored: SexEd discusses issues of gender during International Women’s Week

Photo by Nicole Yeba

The Concordia Student Union (CSU) and the co-directors of the VAV gallery present SEXed, an art exhibit on gender. The exhibit is curated by Katrina Caruso, the VP Student Life of the CSU, who is also a Fine Arts student. Caruso contacted the VAV gallery coordinators, Kris Millar and Clinton Glenn, to see if they were interested in doing a show revolving around gender for International Women’s Week. They did not have trouble finding interested artists once they booked the gallery.

Cochon 51 by Shawn Christopher. Artist statement: “Cochon 51 is an exploration of queer expression and a statement about my own personal struggles with ‘masculinity’ and sexual orientation.” Photo by Nicole Yeba

“We didn’t want to focus on like femininity of women, and women for women’s week, we wanted to come and expand that and talk about gender as a larger topic, so [we are] including issues of masculinity and issues of gender and sexuality,” said Caruso.

The art exhibit is part of events that the CSU is hosting for Gender Month in March with other associations. The conference “Feminism for Men” with author and activist Chris Crass was held on March 3 in collaboration with Centre for Gender Advocacy. A panel discussion named “Decriminalization of Prostitution in Canada, Now What?” will be held on March 11 in collaboration with the School of Community and Public Affairs at the Saidye Bronfman Hall.

The exhibit is held at the VAV Gallery in the Fine Arts building until March 8.

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