Matters of the art makes art that matters

Concordia’s student-run festival, Art Matters, is creating a most creative buzz once again

For its 14th edition, Art Matters is continuing the tradition of showcasing the best that Concordia’s student-artists has to offer. The festival is the largest student-run art festival in Canada, and is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s best art exhibition ventures. Founded in 2000, Art Matters features open houses, multidisciplinary performances and a good ol’ yearly party.

On the roster this year are exhibits on the realm of the internet (Deinviting Don Lothario), immersions in auditory world (Stirrup, Hammer & Anvil), a live performance addressing the “contemporary artifact” (Future Perfect), reexaminations of postmodernity (Hot Fun) and utopian/dystopian science fiction (Childhood’s End). Of course, be sure not to miss the festival’s closing party on Saturday.

Art Matters holds the exhibits at varying locations throughout Montreal until March 22. For a more complete list of events, visit

Photos by Natalia Lara Diaz-Berrio


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