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No ifs, ands or butts: Kim Kardashian does Vogue

by Marco Saveriano March 25, 2014
No ifs, ands or butts: Kim Kardashian does Vogue

Why the public should back down and give the modern “icon” her moment to shine

From her infamous sex tape to her family’s budding empire, Kim Kardashian has another achievement to add to her resume: Vogue cover model.

With the help of fiancée Kanye West, Kim has been trying to change her image from tacky reality star to fashionista, in hopes that editor-in-chief Anna Wintour would finally notice her. After years of fighting for acceptance from the fashion community,”Kimye” has finally landed the coveted spot in American Vogue that she’s been drooling over.

Kim took to Twitter to express her excitement: “This is such a dream come true!!! Thank you @VogueMagazine for this cover!”

Everyone needs to ease up on Yeezy and Kim. Photo by Noel Vasquez (Getty Images).

However, not everyone was as excited as she was.

Fashion fanatics on social media were quick to critique Wintour’s decision, some even going so far as to consider boycotting the famous publication. Many of Kim’s fans filled the comments section of her Instagram with congratulatory messages, whereas others weren’t as kind, to say the least. One comment read: “Who knew that guzzling cum from […] crooked, purple schlongs and being a lazy lay on a sex tape could land you a rich, famous, and closeted rapper to marry along with a Vogue magazine cover!”

Honestly, why are diehards so against Kim being on the cover of Vogue?

Most people stick to the obvious excuse that she is not worthy of being on the glossy pages of the high-fashion magazine because of her leaked sex tape with rapper Ray J. The tape, filmed in 2003, shot the young star to fame, along with the likes of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

Others believe that the reality star is famous solely because of her “famous” family, (her father, the late Robert Kardashian, was a lawyer in the O.J. Simpson case), and that she shouldn’t be rewarded without having any actual talent.

Both excuses are completely valid; Kim did star in the sex tape, though it was released without her consent. And though she doesn’t necessarily have talent. like the previously-mentioned Paris Hilton, Kim has managed to rise above the infamy and use her fame to start an empire of her own. She’s not only had a string of popular reality shows, but also numerous fragrances, clothing lines, beauty products and countless other items with the Kardashian name on it, giving her a reported net worth of  $40 million. Not too bad for a girl who has “no talent.”

Whether or not some people want to admit it, Kim is, in fact, a modern fashion icon. Millions of women try to emulate her style (which includes a designer wardrobe most would kill for) her  immaculate hair and makeup, and her trademark curves. The fact is, a magazine with Kim on the cover will sell.

Why should it even matter who’s on the cover? People are forgetting that the whole point of Vogue is not just getting celebrities on the cover, it’s about the art and the fashion (or at least, it’s supposed to be). The spread, which was shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, is sure to be beautiful, and the clothes will be nothing short of perfection. Who cares if it’s Kim wearing them? Does it really make a difference in your life?

Regardless of what people are saying, the April issue of Vogue is already heading to newsstands, no ifs, ands, or butts.


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