The Concordian staff share their go-to tunes for stressful school days

Photo by Keith Race

Find out what we’re listening to during exam season

There’s no doubt about it, midterm period can be hellish and it takes its toll on your sanity. Some of us need classical music to study, while others need to tune out and unplug and be productive in an absolutely silent environment. Find out what staff members at The Concordian are listening to (or not listening to), during this midterm season.

One of the perks of being a journalism major: No midterms. And usually, very little tests to study for. During the ‘study break,’ it’s safe to say my favourite song to listen to was our beloved “Oh Canada” every time a Canadian took the podium in Sochi, instead of actually studying. But the few times I find myself trying to focus on preparing for an exam, the Hockey Night in Canada theme song is always a good distraction.

-Samantha Mileto Sports editor

Young the Giant and Mumford and Sons always make my study playlist. Both are the perfect blend of mellow and upbeat tracks that get me through any cram session. New tunes like “Afraid” from The Neighborhood and Half Moon Run’s “Give Up” also do the trick and ironically describe my emotions during finals. To keep me from going insane, Pharrell’s “Happy” is my definite go-to and ultimate spirit-lifter.

-Angela De Cicco Assistant Life editor

I love to put on some lyricless music like Fabrizio Paterlini and Joe Bongiorno when I have a lot of reading to do. I get thrown off easily by singing when reading. Writing, though, is a different story altogether: Anamanaguchi, DJ Sharpnel and Renard (RQ) are some of my picks for work-music.

-Jocelyn Beaudet Assistant Arts editor

I think my go to study music would be a combination of Pink Floyd’s masterpiece, Dark Side of the Moon and this one 8tracks playlist of strictly hip-hop instrumentals. Both are perfect for keeping your sanity and not going absolutely bonkerbananas (yes, that’s a made up word) during the stress-inducing midterm period.

-Jessica Romera Music editor

Give me some Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, or Do Make Say Think and I’ll be set to cram for any deadline. Though, if the deadline is passed and I’m looking to mend the damage I’ve inflicted onto my brain through sleep deprivation and over indulgence in chemical stimulants, I’ll probably switch on some Broken Social Scene, Beatles, Bob Dylan or Pinback. But that’s only if catastrophe was successfully averted.

-Keith Race Photo editor

Call me crazy, call me old-fashioned, but I need total and complete silence to study. People around me are always plugged in to their devices and I’m sitting there like, how is this even possible? However, to get me through this part of the semester, I’m all about Phantogram’s Voices.

-Elizabeth Tomaras Copy editor

I’m happy with the program that I’m in. No midterms or exams, only projects. So whether I’m working on my project assignments, studying for a test or even sleeping, I always put on my earphones and listen to my favorite playlist. As for my go to study jam, I tend to stay away from any music that has lyrics just because it can distract from what I’m doing. I listen to instrumental piano or jazz music to have a peaceful mind so I can stay focused on my work.

-Jennifer Kwan Graphics editor


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