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A speaker series to intrigue, inspire and promote change

by Sloane Montgomery April 8, 2014
A speaker series to intrigue, inspire and promote change

TEDxConcordia coming May 3

In the spirit of sharing ideas worth spreading, TedxConcordia Talks is coming to the D.B. Clarke theatre on May 3.

TED is not-for-profit organization that started as four-day conference in California 25 years ago.  Devoted to finding ideas worth spreading, TED now has multiple initiatives to support people who have world-changing ideas.

TEDx is one of these initiatives; the “x” stands for an independently organized TED event. The “x” program promotes local, self-organized events to bring together inspiring individuals to spark discussion amongst a group.

There will be 13 speakers in total, however only 11 speakers have been announced so far as organizers have not finalized the last two speakers.

So far the speakers include Andrew Gonzalez who will be discussing scientific solutions that are necessary to reconnect nature’s networks to be more sustainable as a result of ongoing human pressure.

Diana Bronson, director of Food Secure Canada, will be there to speak about practical solutions to problems in our food system.

Francois Legare will explain how scientific research has changed and is helping us bring about a better future.

Henry Tsang, a professional and sustainable architect who is a member of Emergency Architects of Canada and Habitat for Humanity, will be speaking about reconstructing and rebuilding communities after disasters.

Nicholas Venelosi and Mehdi Sabzalian will be speaking about the importance of re-emerging space exploration in the 21st century.

Eric Spano is a former public accountant who is heavily involved in digital

currencies. He plans to discuss the advantages digital currency offers to finance, law and society as a whole.

Omen is an artist who specializes in street art and spray paint, he wants to share his ideas about creativity which he believes cannot be contained within a classroom.

Eliane Ubalijore is a scientist of research, policy and business and will be speaking about her plans to have her home continent of Africa viewed as a continent of opportunities rather than a continent of abounding problems.

David Roemmele will be speaking about our societies’ constant search for wealth and want for more and will explain how yoga can be the answer to this desire and “create true wealth.”

David Zangwill will be talking about his experience as a dancer and how the “Dancefloor” experience can be transcended into everyday moments.

Students and staff are required to register online before the event and are encouraged to do so as soon as possible since there is a limit of 400 spots. Registration requires a brief self-description and two words you feel best describe you; these are the guidelines followed by all TED Talk events.

“Since space is limited the [TedxConcordia team] are looking for students who will spark conversation, who will come to the event to be inspired and who hope to someday inspire others,” explained the event’s curator Nicolas Feller.

The TEDxConcordia event is still looking for its final two speakers and it is possible to nominate a fellow student, professor or Montrealer.  They are looking for intriguing, interesting and fascinating individuals who can share and deliver their idea or experience in an 18-minute TED Talk-style speech.

For more information on the speaker series, to register or to nominate a speaker; go the the TEDxConcordia website at tedxconcordia.com and check out the facebook page at www.facebook.com/TEDxConcordia?notif_t=fbpage_fan_invite .

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