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Fantasia returns to Concordia

by The Concordian July 17, 2014
Fantasia returns to Concordia

International genre film movie festival will run until August 6

Tired of those boring movie theatres in which everybody stays still and silent? Looking for this gem of a movie that perfectly mixes mystery, suspense, a bit of romance and a girl who has chainsaws for hands? Frustrated by those mainstream animation movies that systematically gives you the same old childlike story? Well, starting today, July 17, all of your wildest cinematographic dreams will come true!

The Fantasia International Film Festival is one of the most prominent genre film festivals in the world. It is proposing to Montreal’s movie addicts an array of movies that will surely move you out of your comfort zone. From animation movies to usually ignored international blockbusters, the festival has it all. Concordia University has been hosting this festival since 2003.

The 18th edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival is offering to the public movies by well-known directors as well as promising newcomers’ short films. For instance, festivalgoers will have the chance of seeing Terry Gilliam’s third and last movie, Orwellian triptych, Zero Theorem. For those who are more into Asian movies, like most of Fantasia’s regulars, Takashi Miike’s latest project will be shown, as well as plenty of other treasures. You even get to watch some classic genre movies that were made before you were born!

Another very interesting feature of the festival is that some directors and actors will be present at their movie screenings. This allows the public to ask questions and interact with the people that they would normally only see on screen. It also gives today’s low profile directors a little time under the spotlight so they can maybe move towards becoming tomorrow’s next big name in the industry. In all cases, the Fantasia International Film Festivals offers a crowd-pleasing, diversified and fun medley of cinematographic creations.

Fantasia is all about giving you the chance of seeing beautifully weird and creative movies that would not fit in any traditional categories. In some cases, it will actually be the only time anyone in Montreal will be able to watch these movies on the big screen. But really, the pleasure of going to the Fantasia International Film Festival is actually about taking a leap of faith and experiencing something new. It is true, you may fall onto the most disturbing movie you ever saw, but you may also get to watch your new favourite movie of all time. The brilliantly thought-out randomness of the festival’s selection is exactly what should make you want to attend.

The Fantasia International Film Festival will be taking place from July 17 to Aug. 6. Films will be screened at different locations around downtown campus, including the J.A. DeSève Cinema (J.W. McConnell Building), the D.B. Clarke Theatre (Henry F. Hall Building), and the Alumni Auditorium (Henry F. Hall Building).

For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit fantasiafestival.com.


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