5 Great Small Montreal Music Venues

5.O Patro Vys
Located on Mont-Royal, just a few steps away from Saint-Denis, the small wooden sign displaying the venue’s name is easy to miss when walking by. But if you happen to head upstairs to the long narrow room, you’ll be treated to a classy venue with a sweet lounge vibe. The acoustics are clear and the sound impeccable: multi-instrumental groups such as Montreal indie pop act The Golden Tribe (who are playing there Sept. 20) will deliver studio-quality sound when playing O Patro Vys. On the downside, the venue doesn’t seem to be open to more feisty types of music. Shoegaze seems to be the “heaviest” musical genre you might catch at the venue. That’s a let down for fans of harder music as this is a good-sized, very enjoyable venue.

4.TRH Bar
TRH Bar is reminiscent of what Foufounes Électriques used to be in the 80’s and 90’s: a raw, takin’-names-and-kickin’-ass, stylish, classic punk venue. The first floor has an indoor skateboarding pool for all KickFlippers to enjoy and the second floor offers a very well-designed stage and dancefloor, with a skate ramp right next to it. The experience of watching your favourite punk, rock, and hardc