Concordia Co-op will quench your crafty thirst

Let La Cooperative des Brasseurs Illuminés be your ticket to locally crafted beer enlightenment

Love beer? Want to learn how to brew it in a friendly environment? Then La Coopérative des Brasseurs Illuminés is the place to go.

The inspiration for Brasseurs Illuminés came last winter as a project for an internship class taken by founding member Braden Richards. Getting a few of his friends together, the co-op was created in June of this year with the help of The Concordia Sustainability Action Fund.

The co-op’s connection with the Sustainability Action Fund highlights a main concern of the group. According to member John Talbot, Les Brasseurs aims to enter into “the social act of sustainability” by using local, sustainable products. With the support of the fund they were able to begin educating members on how to make homebrewed beer.

This educational focus is evident through the group’s webpage where the different ingredients that go into each of their beers is explained in detail. Co-op members are invited to sessions to learn about and take part in the art of making beer.

Brasseurs Illuminés is currently made up of ten core members. They are constantly looking for more individuals to join them in the learning and tasting process. No prior knowledge is necessary and students from any discipline are welcome. “We’re looking for people from all different disciplines, to bridge the gap across disciplines,” said member Hannah Materne.

Unfortunately, their product is not currently available to the public. As they are a young operation, the next few months will be spent creating business plans and filing for licenses from the government. They hope to begin catering for student events by early 2015.

If that seems too far away, there is still a chance to taste their beer at various events. These will be posted on the co-op’s facebook page.

As for their final goal, the sky is the limit: “[my dream is to] be able to open up a place like Reggie’s where students can come and drink student-made beer instead of grabbing a Pabst,” said member Cody Jacobs.

To become a member, join their mailing list, or just to learn about beer, go to:

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