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Let’s get hot and heavy… healthy and entertained

by Frédéric T. Muckle September 9, 2014
Let’s get hot and heavy… healthy and entertained

Montreal is getting a little more musical with its flamenco festival this week

Sweaty bodies entangled with one another, mesmerizing rhythms possessing them, a trance-like state of being only achievable in those rare moments of ecstasy… Yes folks, we are evidently describing the art of dancing. For many people, dancing is one of the most sensual and emotional ways to express one’s true self. It is not only a healthy and fun activity, but also a real passion for some. Inseparable from it, music could be described as the soul mate of dancing. One could hardly exist without the other, and the former’s main reason to be is to serve the latter. Keeping this in mind, the specific case of Flamenco, the Andalusian dance and music form, is a perfect example of this ardent relationship.

Thanks to this flamboyant art, Montreal will get a little hotter and sweatier in the next week while Montreal’s Flamenco Festival is taking place. A number of music and dance shows will be held during those few days. International musicians and dancers will make flamenco’s aficionados wonderfully happy. Well-known figures such as Dani Navarro and Fiona Malena will be sharing their latest performances with their Montreal fans.

If the idea of being seduced by flamenco’s suggestive ambiance while unwinding after a hard day of work, drink in hand, the festival is the place you should be. Flamenco’s happy hours will be held in charming bars and little restaurants around the Mile-End neighborhood from 5 to 7 p.m. during the whole week. It is a great way to combine deals on delicious culinary goods, tasty beverages, and an enjoyable show. Usually, those said happy hours will be situated near the venues of the evening shows. People longing for more music and dance will then be able to get a really satisfactory sum of flamenco’s splendor.

Another interesting event offered by the festival is the intermediate and advanced flamenco classes, taught by the previously mentioned Dani Navarro. Furthermore, a photo exhibit will be presented at the Dépanneur Café for the whole duration of the festival. Flamenco dancers dancing and singing to the music with passionate fury is an attractive photographic subject and this will surely inspire photography’s amateurs to pass by and take a look.

As a whole, Montreal’s Flamenco Festival will give Montreal’s dance and music amateurs an exceptional opportunity to enjoy both arts marvelously entangled together. Montreal’s Flamenco Festival will be on from Sept. 7 to 13. For more information, consult the schedule on their website: www.festivalflamencodemontreal.org

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