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Jump into an alternative world at the The Full Moon Halloween Party

The Witching Hour, don’t miss it!

Witching Hour Events throws otherworldly parties that are cool and innovative

“Band, cigarette, beer. Band cigarette, beer.”

The Witching Hour, don’t miss it!

Witching Hour Events’ creator, Michael Noom, describes a lot of people’s night out as pretty drab and redundant. On Oct. 8, possibly the first Halloween party of the year kicks off at the Rialto Theatre under the only full moon of the month. The doors open at 8:30 p.m. and once you step through, you’ll be in a totally different realm that’s nothing like the world outside. The Full Moon Halloween Party is different from what a lot of party planners are throwing — as an attendee, you’ll be making art yourself and participating in “creating an alternative world,” Noom said. All around, various forms of art will be displayed, played, and fabricated which’ll make for an interesting cocktail of creativities to see and experience. To kick-off the evening, a series of local filmmakers will be showing shorts while you crunch on $1 GMO-free popcorn sold at the event. Later, dancing will inevitably ensue when musical acts take to the split stage — electronic DJs on one side, and bands on the other. Musical performances include Marie Davidson, Cosi e Cosi, She Devils, a battle of the Theremins, L’Ħāliġ Orchestre Impérial du QuebékisŤanz, as well as live art from Chang E Ling. Throughout, you can tie your wig back for apple bobbing, go dancing through the mist of fluid lights and multimedia flashes, or create something cool at the activities set-up.

The Rialto Theatre will be riding a new wave  on Oct. 8 — one where event-goers are free to tap into whatever natural impulse drives them to create and learn. It’s a night to feel something different from the regular pumping beats of your favorite bar. “It’s like you’re in a psychic spa, and you’re going to come out of it on a different frequency” Noom said.

Head into the unknown on the full-moon Wednesday night — and you’ll never want to leave.

Want more info? Head over to facebook.com/events/384626255021077/390629144420788/

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