What to watch and what to ignore in this pilot season

Selfie featuring John Cho and Karen Gillian

Newcoming television shows that may or may not makes you a couch potato

Every September, television networks roll out a slew of new shows, some good, some bad, and some absolutely disastrous (remember That 80’s Show back in 2002?). Here are a few of the most buzzed about shows this season that may have caught your eye.  Which ones are worth your time — and which ones will most likely be cancelled by the end of the season?

Black-ish (ABC)
This show is your typical family comedy. Think Modern Family, but with a less-funny all-black cast (including comedian Anthony Anderson). It follows the life of a well-off black family as they struggle to maintain their cultural identity in a white-centric society. The pilot was fairly funny, but by the next episode, people already seemed to be losing interest; the show saw a huge drop in ratings in the second week. Who knows whether or not it will last — ABC is notorious for cancelling popular comedies.

Selfie (ABC)

Selfie featuring John Cho and Karen Gillian

This comedy, featuring John Cho and Karen Gillan, has potential. As a modern version of the Audrey Hepburn movie My Fair Lady, the show does a good job at capturing an accurate picture of today’s social media-obsessed society. Though the writers often fall victim to cheesy clichés, it turned out better than most people expected. It’s enjoyable, but not exceptionally memorable. Will it last? Probably not.

Gotham (Fox)
Gotham gives viewers a look into the early days of Bruce Wayne (Batman, for those who live under a rock) and Detective James Gordon, as well as a handful of notorious villains from the classic comic book. This dark and gritty drama is as action-packed as a Batman movie, and it’s fast-paced enough to keep viewers guessing. Still, some might find it hard to separate the storylines from the Batman characters they’ve grown up with.  However, Gotham’s future is bright — it was the most viewed series premiere on CTV this season and it’s been getting rave reviews from critics. Starring Ben McKenzie (known for his role on The O.C.) and Jada Pinkett-Smith, the show definitely has the power to stick around.

Red Band Society (Fox)
Some viewers have criticized this show for “glamorizing” illness and inaccurately portraying the lives of the terminally ill and critics are split. When you look past that, you have a light-hearted show about the lives of teenagers…who all happen to live in a hospital. The dialogue, though sometimes trying too hard to capture the voices of teenagers, is often witty and honest. With Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer as the hilarious hard-ass Nurse Jackson, this show will have you both laughing and crying within the hour. Even though reviews are mixed, fan reaction has been strong, so surely this show will last for at least another season.

How To Get Away With Murder (ABC)
This could be one of the best new shows in a while. Produced by Shonda Rhimes, the mastermind behind Grey’s Anatomy, this show, which follows a group of law students, is definitely one of the most unique crime shows on television right now. It’s smart, well-written, and full of twists and turns. It’s also been praised for its  representation of visible minorities — namely gay and black characters —  as well as for the cast’s strong performance, including Oscar-nominee Viola Davis. If there’s one show you should check out this season, it’s this one!

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