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Let’s talk about sex

by Laura Marchand November 11, 2014
Let’s talk about sex

Hair or bare down there? Do what’s right for you

If you’ve ever watched porn—and let’s face it, most of you have—then you probably noticed something a little unnatural. No, I’m not talking about penis size, or the problematic male-female dynamic, or unfaithful representation of what an average night bumpin’ uglies might be. No, today we’re going to lay bare the facts about porn’s signature style: hairless.

As you’re likely aware, porn stars all seem to be missing a certain something down there. It is the standard to be strand-less, if you will. The Brazilian style—meaning absolutely no pubic hair—is so mainstream that if you want to see a female lead with hair you usually have to dig for the “hair” or “hairy” tag.

As a member of the generation of the internet (and hence, porn), I fear this has created some unrealistic standards in men and women. So, to all of you who look down at your privates with shame, this goes out to you:

There’s nothing wrong with pubic hair! Absolutely nothing! Shockingly, just because it is in porn, does not mean it is the norm. In fact, a 2010 study among sexually active women, published in the International Journal for Sexual Medicine, concluded that it’s “more common than not for women to have at least some pubic hair on their genitals,” and I imagine it’s even more common for men. So, take a deep breath, because there’s nothing wrong with you.

“But my partner thinks it’s gross! They won’t have sex with me!”

Sorry, but your partner is an A-rank jerk. Sex is about respect, and yes, people have preferences—but if they don’t respect your decision for your body, then you should bail, as fast as you can.  If you don’t want to shave, or wax, or sugar, or do laser hair removal, then that is 100 per cent your choice. Own it!

And, of course, if you want to get rid of your hair, go nuts! There’s nothing wrong with that either. Liking the bare look doesn’t make you a pedophile or brainwashed by the patriarchy. I’ll say it again: your body, your choice.

If you want to go bare—or semi-bare, or trimmed, or whatever!—do your research first. Be aware of how many blades you should use, how to exfoliate, and how to deal with the itchy ingrown hairs. Look up reviews for waxing salons, and make sure to tell them it’s your first time! It’s going to be a bit touch and go finding out what method works best for you.

Whether you decide to rock it au naturel, or go for a more personal touch, make sure you’re well-informed, and—most importantly—make sure it’s what’s right for you.

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