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Not quite ready for a pet? Buy a houseplant!

by Mim Kempson January 20, 2015
Not quite ready for a pet? Buy a houseplant!

Stop by the Concordia Greenhouse and take home something green and leafy

Feeling uninspired by the long winter semester ahead? Fear not, perhaps a modest philodendron plant will warm your spirits. On Wednesday Jan. 21, the Concordia Greenhouse will be holding a houseplant sale from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., where y’all can gather some greenery to jazz up your home.

They will be selling limited quantities of over 20 different kinds of plants, including aloe, indoor ivy and bird of paradise. Prices range from $2 to $20. If you have no clue how to raise and care for a zebrina or a moses-in-the-cradle, don’t fret, there will be informational signs and friendly, knowledgeable staff there to answer your questions.

“Looking after house plants is simple,” says Olga Perju, the financial and administration coordinator at the Concordia Greenhouse. “The challenge will be getting the plant home from the greenhouse,” she says.

In order for your plant to survive the journey home, she recommends bringing a box and bags to carry it in.

The Concordia Greenhouse hosts two plant sales each year, one in the winter and the other in the fall. They also have a seedling sale in the spring. The greenhouse is on the thirteenth floor of the Hall building, which can only be accessed by the stairs (once you have taken the lifts to the highest level). Make sure you don’t show up too late: plants will be selling out quickly!

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