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Stingers Shoot for the Cure at ConU

by Casey Dulson February 9, 2015
Stingers Shoot for the Cure at ConU

Varsity teams take part in the annual CIS fundraiser against McGill throughout the weekend

Throughout this past weekend, the Stingers varsity teams took part in the annual Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) Shoot for the Cure fundraiser, which raised over $138,000 last year, towards breast cancer research.

The idea of raising money for breast cancer at the collegiate level was originally introduced by Bishop’s coach Rod Gilpin, who at the time, was the head coach of the Gaiters’ women’s basketball team. The initiative has spread around Canada and for the fourth year in a row all 47 CIS schools that have women basketball teams have joined the cause.

“We got other teams involved this year, [including] men’s and women’s hockey. It is also a great way to bring people together for a great cause,” said Keith Pruden, the head coach of Concordia’s women’s basketball team.

Many of the athletes found ways to show their support in unique ways. While some of the hockey players tapped their sticks in pink tape, other basketball players wore pink undershirts to symbolize the fundraiser.

“They are happy to participate and the event is something they have to factor into preparation for these games. It’s not a distraction, it is something worthwhile that we agree to do as a whole,” said Pruden.

John Dore, the head coach of Concordia’s men’s basketball team, was proud of the school’s contributions and reminded his players that these kind of fundraisers affect everyone.

“Breast cancer is not just for women but also for men too. We want our guys to give back to society and to be socially aware.”

After his game, Stingers forward and captain of Concordia’s men’s basketball team, Mike Fosu, hoped that those in attendance took notice and contributed towards the cause.

“It’s a good thing and it raises awareness for breast cancer,” he said. “Maybe people did not know why we wearing the pink shirts today.”

During other games, the men’s and women’s basketball teams were walking around the stands with buckets, collecting any and all donations.

There was a different atmosphere throughout the athletic facilities this weekend, a type of energy that brings everyone together.

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