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Two new clubs come to Concordia

by Frédéric T. Muckle February 10, 2015
Two new clubs come to Concordia

Student groups cater to BitCoin, international relations and diplomacy

You may not be aware of it, but the Concordia Student Union (CSU) recently helped to establish a few more student clubs. This week we’ve decided to present to two of them.

Concordia Bitcoin and Crypto Society

Unless you’ve spent the last few years under a rock, you’ve probably heard or read about the digital currency that is Bitcoin. If by any chance you are intrigued or genuinely interested by this innovation, you’re in luck: the Concordia Bitcoin and Crypto Society (CBCS) is here to satisfy your curiosity. By talking about it, working with it or just thinking about the countless possibilities of crypto-technologies, CBCS strives to help Bitcoin enthusiasts increase their working knowledge on the subject.

CBCS’ first planned event will take place on Feb. 17 and will involve participating in something that everyone’s inner child can enjoy: a scavenger hunt. As described by the CBCS Executive Officer Olivier Brochu Dufour and Financial Officer Andreas Leoutsarakos, “the main purpose of this event is to spread awareness for the club and to give Concordians their first experience with Bitcoin.”

Throughout the year, the club will also be hosting informative sessions, meetings for people interested to work on projects related to crypto-technologies and even a screening of the documentary The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin. CBCS will also try to work towards eventually implementing a Bitcoin ATM on campus and the possibility to pay with the digital currency at some of Concordia’s shops. They’re even looking into using Bitcoin to pay tuition fees.

For some, Bitcoin and other crypto-technologies can be labeled as unsafe and even questionable. Dufour and Leoutsarakos say that one of their missions is to address those misconceptions and work on informing the public about how Bitcoin is not the uncontrollable chimeric internet creature that some pictures it to be.

“As Bitcoin technology matures and its applications become more varied, concerns with its legitimacy will dissipate and its true value to humanity will shine through.”

So for all Bitcoin enthusiasts, CBCS is now the place to come to with all your questions and inquiries.

Concordia Committee for International Relations and Diplomacy

The Concordia Committee for International Relations and Diplomacy (CONCIAD) aims to raise awareness about international affairs and represent the school in related events. Notably, the club plans to participate with other Concordia organizations to arrange social events like talks and in-house simulations. The club is notably going to participate in the 13th annual National Model African Union Conference in Washington D.C.

According to CONCIAD president and founder Madiou-Adnane Barry, the club was created to allow “Concordia students to participate in diplomatic simulations other than the ones offered from Model United Nations.” It also caters to everyone going to Concordia, not just PoliSci students. They are looking to reach out to people who have something interesting to add to the various conversations and topics usually addressed in international affairs simulations.

With founding members experienced in Model United Nations and other similar diplomatic activities, the simple motivation is to “leave a trace of Concordia wherever we end up going.”

For more information on CBCS or their upcoming scavenger hunt event, visit cbcs.club.
For more information on CONCIAD, visit facebook.com/conciad.

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