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by Milos Kovacevic March 3, 2015

Coldest February Ever

Though it may not seem very cold, last month’s average temperature of -14.7 degrees celcius has made it the coldest February on record, beating out previously chilly 1979. According to the Montreal Gazette, who analyzed the weather data, the cause behind the record-breaker was a pressure front coming in from the West Coast, as well as unusually strong winds that added to the wind chill factor. Meanwhile, U.S. records showed January’s temperatures almost invariably went up world-wide, save for a few places such as New England and, you guessed it, Quebec.

Montreal to build path to the river

CBC has reported the news that Montreal will spend $42M creating a promenade along a series of streets connecting Mount Royal to the St. Lawrence river. The project would see the mountain connected by a widened, tree-flanked walkway to the river and would coincide with the 375th birthday of the city in 2017. It will also be more pedestrian friendly, with McTavish street becoming exclusively for walkers. Consultations as well as a design contest are set to begin in June.

Complaint against judge who wouldn’t hear hijab-wearing woman

An official complaint has been lodged against the Montreal judge who refused to listen to a Montreal woman’s testimony so long as she persisted in wearing her headscarf. Rania El-Alloul was in court attempt- ing to get her car back after it had been impounded by the SAAQ because her son had been caught driving it with a suspended license. Aside from widespread criticism, a crowd- funding campaign in support of El-Alloul has already raised over $40,000 for a new car, according to the Montreal Gazette.

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