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Letter to the editor – Jessica Lelièvre

by The Concordian March 17, 2015

Two years ago, I made my first steps in student politics. I ran and was elected as the President of the Political Science Student Association because I deeply felt that things had to be moved around. I saw immense potential in my peers, but little opportunities to see that potential live to its full capacity. Essentially, that is what I wanted to move around.

Since I made these first steps, I met many other students who also shared this vision and ambition. Today, I am delighted to see many of these individuals come together to further the realm of opportunities our university has to offer us. And I know for a fact that together, they will meet our expectations.

These individuals have united together under the banner of Community Action. What they have to offer is not only great events and learning opportunities for us. By offering affordable housing to students, giving student parents a chance to succeed academically while having their children nurtured near them, and furthering our campus sustainability, Community Action also seek to impact our local student community. They understand that these issues do not exist in a vacuum. They are able to look further, identify the larger problems we are faced with, and address them head on. By doing so, they lead our student community towards a better future. That is, truly, to have at heart student’s best interest.

These people have inspired me, and I know that they will inspire you as well. They are devoted to support student initiatives, to give students the opportunities they need to succeed, to allow potential to live to its true capacity.

Today, they need our support, so that tomorrow, they can support us. For our com- munity, vote Community Action on March 24, 25, 26.

– Jessica Lelièvre

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