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Letter to the editor – Lauren Aghabozorgi

by The Concordian March 17, 2015

The time of year has come once again where we will be voting for a new CSU executive team during the upcoming General Elections. There are many issues on campus right now that affect a diversity of Concordians; the cooperative housing project, the development of an on-campus daycare service, and the intricacies of the campus food movement are but a few of the initiatives that the CSU has been engaged in this year. The problem that we are too often faced with is the short turnover period in the dy- namics of student politics that does not allow us to follow through with our initiatives. This year however, I hold a great amount of confidence in the Community Action team and their Continue, Complete, Create platform. I would like to formally endorse the team, and especially their candidate for VP Sustainability, Gabrielle Caron.

As coordinator of the Concordia Food Coalition, I have had the opportunity to work side-by-side with Bri on several of our projects aimed towards transforming the campus food system. I have come to know her as a passionate individual with an out- standing work ethic and an impressively vast knowledge of sustainability issues. Her wonderfully enthusiastic personality and warm nature has allowed her to develop one of the projects we are most proud to stand behind at the CFC; Le Campus Potager.

Le Campus Potager aims to grow organic produce directly on campus, for the cam- pus. Beyond that, the project has successfully offered educational opportunities for students to learn about urban agriculture, empowering them to become closer to their food, and enabling them to spread the culture of sustainability at Concordia and in the greater Montreal area. The produce harvested during last year’s growing season has already been supplied to students at our Farmer’s Market and the Hive Café Solidarity Coop. Le Campus Potager intends to expand in time for the 2015 growing season, we can expect even more locally grown food in the 2015-16 academic year!

It has been a truly enriching experience to watch this project grow under the CFC, and it could not have been possible without Gabrielle’s diligence and know-how. The Food Coalition is exceptionally proud of her and all the work she has done towards creating a more sustainable food system. Gabrielle holds great potential to maintain what has already been established for sustainability at Concordia and of course fur- ther build on our movement. I extend my utmost support to Gabrielle as candidate in the running for CSU VP Sustainability as well as the rest of the Community Action team.

– Lauren Aghabozorgi
The Concordia Food Coalition

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