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Letter to the editor – Melissa Kate Wheeler

by The Concordian March 17, 2015

To the undergraduates at Concordia University,

I write to you as a past CSU President to express my wholehearted support for Presidential candidate on the Community Action team, Terry Wilkings.

I have known Terry for several years. He is easygoing, authentic, and consistently positive; all qualities ideal for your official spokesperson and representative. He combines these with an unmatched work ethic and strategic vision. Indeed, Terry doesn’t just think of end goals, he knows exactly how to get there.

During his current mandate as VP Academic, Terry championed the amazing student housing initiative. He also launched the daycare project and spearheaded important University bylaw reforms aimed at giving students more representation on Senate. If he achieved these things as a Vice-President, I can only imagine the amazing things which await you with him at the helm of the CSU.

As a former President of our Union, I care deeply about our Concordia community. I have complete faith in him as caretaker of the CSU. He has already proven that he keeps his promises, that he is capable of creating real change. Elect him, and you will be choosing a President who will follow through. Terry is what Concordia needs… he’s the President you deserve!

– Melissa Kate Wheeler
Former CSU President (2013-14)

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