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by Milos Kovacevic March 3, 2015

Edmonton’s proposed Freezeway

Edmonton residents may soon be able to trade their bikes for skate once winter comes if proposals for an 11-kilometer route of ice traversing the city go ahead. The idea was the result of a master’s thesis by an landscape architecture student and has since picked up some steam, though there are just as many critics panning it as an example of flippant spending amidst more serious issues. The BBC said the city would flood and freeze the flat land hugging two rail corridors to create the skating trail. If it goes ahead the so-called Freezeway would take about 75 minutes to cover with skates and would be lined with skate rental locations.

Hadfield’s space suit bought at thrift shop

A Toronto woman found a treasure most unique when she came across a bright blue flight suit emblazoned with the name of Canada’s astronaut celebrity, Chris Hadfield. CBC reported that the find, which would have surely fetched a much higher price if it has been placed on auction, was bought for a mere $40. Hadfield communicated with the buyer via Facebook and by confirming some characteristics of the suit ascertained that it had indeed once been part of his uniform. How it ended up in the thrift store is still anybody’s guess.

Suspicious tunnel declared ambitious man cave

A suspicious tunnel found near the location for this year’s Pan Am games and Roger’s Cup isn’t the work of terrorists after all, according to Canadian authorities. Rather, the creation was an attempt by two men to create a man cave to ‘hang out in’ according to a police spokesperson. The CBC describes the cave as ten meters deep, nearly two metres high, and about 90 centimetres wide. This is impressive considering the two men, who had no criminal intent nor any engineering training necessary for the construction, started it only in September. They’ve since apologized; their man cave has been filled.

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