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by Tim Lazier March 17, 2015
Sports in the News

Get ready for the Madness
It’s the craziest annual tournament that all of sports has to offer, and it’s fast approaching. Is it underrated in Canada? Absolutely. But watch a couple games of this year’s NCAA March Madness basketball tournament and you’ll be hooked for years to come. Many of you may be skeptical because basketball isn’t our favourite sport in the Great White North, but it’s a nationwide tournament that is built on dramatic finishes and Cinderella stories. With regular seasons wrapping up this past week, 64 of America’s top-ranked college basketball programs will take part in the do-or-die tournament that begins on March 19 and runs until April 6. Whether you are already a fan of the tournament or not, make a bracket, create a pool with your friends and watch the madness unfold. You won’t be disappointed.

Will Ferrell takes to the diamond
Even if you aren’t a fan of his movies, seeing Will Ferrell stumble around the baseball diamond in his naturally goofy fashion is enough to make anyone chuckle. Spring training is in mid-swing and Major League Baseball (MLB) is getting ready for its opening day on April 6. On Thursday, March 12, Ferrell suited-up for 10 different teams and played in five separate spring training games around Arizona. The Dodgers, Padres, Giants, White Sox, Reds, Diamondbacks, Cubs, Angels, Mariners and Athletics welcomed the comedian for brief stints throughout their games. Ferrell played all nine positions during the day and brought a little laughter to the ballparks. Although he won’t be cracking the roster of any professional teams anytime soon, his shenanigans were all for a good cause. This was for his comedy website Funny Or Die, which is part of a HBO special. His gear and memorabilia from the day will be auctioned off on MLB.com with all proceeds going to Cancer for College and Stand Up to Cancer.

Back on track?
The Habs were in dire need of a victory as they headed to New York on Saturday night to face the Islanders. The first two weeks of March were not the Canadiens’ most impressive stretch throughout the season. Before their matchup in Long Island, Montreal had lost five of its last six games. While Carey Price continues to have an MVP-calibre season, the team’s offence has let them down. Throughout their slump, the Habs were shut out three times and only managed to score six goals. On Saturday however, the Habs beat the Islanders 3-1 and seemed to be clicking as a unit. With 12 games left in the season, the team is hoping that they don’t have to rely on Price as much. Fans and players alike are hoping they carry the momentum into the playoffs.

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