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by Milos Kovacevic March 3, 2015

South Korea lifts ban on adultery

A 1950s-era law from South Korea aiming to protect women by handing out prison sentences to adulterers has been scrapped by the country’s highest court after being ruled unconstitutional and unlawful and infringing on the personal sexual freedoms of its citizens. According to a report by Bloomberg Business, the ruling’s immediate consequences were steep increases in the share prices of the country’s leading condom manufacturer, which have risen by 30 per cent over the last two days.

Pakistan to jail those against polio vaccine

The Pakistani government has arrested 10 individuals who refused to vaccinate against polio and is moving to do so with hundreds of others. The country, which according to Vice has suffered a resurgence of the debilitating disease in the last few years, is one of only three in the world where polio, nearly eradicated, is still endemic. Further complicating things, the majority of the outbreaks are located in the unstable tribal regions of the north west, where the constant fighting has seen refugees spread it further and the Taliban forbidding them. They’ve gone so far as to kill 65 vaccine health workers since 2012, according to the New York Times.

Medieval mass grave found under Paris supermarket

The decision to renovate the basement of a Parisian supermarket led archaeologists to uncover an unexpected piece of local history. Some 200 preserved skeletons of men, women and children were unearthed when construction revealed that the supermarket was built on a site that once featured a medieval hospital. MSNBC reports that the remains of these historical Parisians were all buried within a relatively short period of time, possibly due to the deadly plagues and famines that raged the city over the centuries. The medieval hospital responsible for the grave was torn down in the 1700s.

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