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Follakzoid – III

by Steven Nadeau April 7, 2015
Follakzoid – III

Follakzoid – III (Sacred Bones Records; 2015)

The elusive Chilean space-rockers hit it off again with their EP-sized tracklist of an album that exceeds the 50 minute mark in thumping soundscapes, fit for trippers and study sessions alike. Follakzoid’s appropriately named third album, III, showcases their electro-psych prowess in creating trance-inducing rhythms that never fall under nine minutes in length. While its intensity is indisputable, its overwhelming repetitiveness might not be ideal for those not prepared to sit through a (mostly) lyric-less mind melt that is Follakzoid. While you can skip to any point of a chosen song and it sounds more or less exactly the same as the opening, it’s more about the foreplay than the orgasm. That being said, it is best listened to at high volume levels on a pair of decent headphones, lest the magnetic charisma they exude be lost.

Trial Track: “Piurre”
Rating: 7/10


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