Let’s talk about sex

You can now one-up Kim K on her selfie-game

Let's Talk About SexIn the 1950s, sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson created Ulysses, a vibrating dildo that doubled as an intravaginal camera. Ulysses allowed them to observe and monitor what happens inside the vagina when it goes though the four stages of sexual response: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution, or so I’ve learned from my CEGEP intro to sexuality class, and countless hours binge-watching Masters of Sex.

Well now it seems that all you vagina-havers and vagina-lovers can take home your very own Ulysses, though it goes by a new name: the Svakon Gaga Camera Vibrator (SGCV). Of course, it’s also been revamped a little with modern technology, and is slightly more aesthetically pleasing than its 1950s counterpart.

You basically just plug the bugger into a computer before you go to town, and the live video will appear on your screen, allowing you to get even more intimate with yourself. You can also take selfies with the application…talk about bringing that sexting game to a whole new level (sidenote: what’s the female equivalent of a dick pic called? I’m vying for snatch chat). And if that weren’t enough, you can also hook it up with FaceTime so that you can share your, erm, live home video experience with a partner. It’ll almost be like they’re really there in person!

In all seriousness, it’s kind of a cool innovation from an understanding-your-body perspective. Too many vagina-owners are daunted by and even afraid of looking at their lovely lady flowers, which can certainly hinder their relationship with sex and with their own bodies. It’s pretty amazing how everything works up in thur, and it could be empowering for a lot of women to see all the action unfold with their own eyes.

On the other hand, perhaps there is such thing as too close—just cue the wails of women scorned when their partner doesn’t immediately recognize the look of their vaginal walls, or god forbid receives someone else’s cervix selfie. And you just know somebody out there is going to turn those images into a greeting card or put it as their Facebook cover photo. Move over sonogram pics, there’s a new sheriff in town.

The SGCV is made by British sex toy company Lovehoney, and sells for $179.99 U.S. But hey, you can’t put a price on FaceTiming your tunnel of love, right?

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