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Beach House – Depression Cherry

by Paul Traunero September 1, 2015
Beach House – Depression Cherry

Beach House – Depression Cherry (Sub Pop; 2015)

Following the release of their new single “Sparks,” fans were hoping that the “dream pop” duo would be shifting their trademark reverb-soaked, dream-like sound to something more experimental on their fifth album, Depression Cherry. However, it appears that the track was only a red herring in an otherwise predictable and formulaic release.

Not to say that the album is without progress, it’s clear that the duo has gone for a more stripped-back and aggressive approach to their sound, incorporating buzzing guitar riffs, trance and even spoken word into the mix. Ultimately, there is a bare and unfinished quality to the compositions that feels unsatisfying.

Much like a dream, when you pull back the atmospheric layers and carefully crafted aesthetic, Beach House lose much of the grandeur and distinction that charmed listeners since their debut. If the band is attempting a transition, Depression Cherry is the equivalent of the band’s awkward teen phase.

Trail Track: “Levitation”
Rating: 6/10

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