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Foals – What Went Down

by Jessica Romera September 1, 2015
Foals – What Went Down

Foals – What Went Down (Warner Music; 2015)

Since their 2008 debut Antidotes, the British band has been consistently evolving towards a more mature sound, yet have maintained their signature youthful grit—a feat many of their fellow acts have not been able to successfully pull off. What Went Down is the group’s fourth album, and their first since Holy Fire, their 2013 release that just oozed hit after hit, namely “Inhaler” and “My Number.” The title track and “Snake Oil” feature unapologetically fast-paced and aggressive instrumentals and Yiannis Philippakis’ equally raucous vocals, while “Mountain At My Gates” and “Birch Tree” feel like a return to their more melodic math-rock roots.

Despite the medley of great tracks, there doesn’t seem to be any defining “Spanish Sahara” or “Late Night” moments that characterized Total Life Forever and Holy Fire, respectively; songs that built up slowly, gripping you tightly from the inside and then growing into a cataclysmic eruption of sound and emotion.
Trial Track :”Mountain At My Gates”
Rating: 8/10

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