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by Paolo Mingarelli September 22, 2015

Pennetta stuns us all

Saturday evening at the U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows NY, Flavia Pennetta won her first, and ultimately her final grand slam title. Leading up to the U.S. Open, all eyes were on Serena Williams and her quest to capture a historic calendar year grand slam. A stunning loss in the semis was handed to the heavily-favoured Williams. This loss, a disappointment for many, would ultimately lead fans of the game to another historic moment. In front of the sold out crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium, Pennetta, trophy in hand, would announce her retirement from the game. The 33-year-old would leave the game on a high note. The Hollywood ending that so many athletes wish for themselves became a reality for the 16-year pro.

Canadian Men’s basketball falls short

At the the FIBA Americas Tournament the Canadian men’s basketball team, loaded with NBA  talent, was going running through the competition with relative ease. However, confidence in the team to earn a spot in the finals was halted by the Venezuela in a stunning defeat, proving that games are not played on paper. The men’s team still has an opportunity to claim a berth in the Olympics but the task becomes more difficult as they must play their way through next year’s tournament with African and European teams hungry for the same reward. Some think the task is unlikely to be accomplished, but these same pundits had Canada qualifying this year.

Former Rugby star’s debut in the NFL

Not every road to the NFL is formed through years of hard work and success through high school and college ranks of America. The case of Jarryd Haynes begins in another sport entirely. The Australia native was a rugby star and as a two-time player of the year for the NRL (National Rugby League). This lead to an urgency to lock him to a lucrative deal for his rugby squad. However, his passion for playing in the NFL was overwhelming and after careful consideration he opted to sign a contract with the San Francisco 49ers.  Haynes made his much anticipated debut this week on Monday Night Football, a game which the Niners would win. There’s no telling where his journey goes from here, but as was confirmed on Tuesday going off the exhaustive media coverage he’s attracted, he has definitely created a name for himself with his debut.

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