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by Paolo Mingarelli September 29, 2015

NHL adds three-on-three overtime

The National Hockey League has taken a progressive measure to ensure the better team, and not the better stickhandler, will determine the end result of a close game. The shootout was introduced by the NHL after the 2004-2005 lockout as a way to jumpstart fan interest. While it left many memories, the gimmick soon became a nuisance. Teams who were significantly outmatched or out-skilled would press for the tying goal to force an overtime period. If they had three, or simply one, shootout specialist, they would lock the game down on defense and play for a shootout. The NHL has decided to combat this by introducing three-on-three overtime following the already in place four-on-four extra frame. This will provide more open ice for the best players in the league to showcase their talents.

Blue Jays secure playoff berth

This week was the final regular season series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees. The Jays came away with two of a possible three wins at home against their American League East rivals. The Jays bandwagon has snowballed into an avalanche since the trade deadline. The team has responded with an impressive 41 victories out of a possible 59, translating in a 4 game lead against their rival Bronx Bombers. The race is winding down and the Jays have secured their much coveted post-season birth. Canada’s lone representative in America’s pastime has certainly made its presence felt this MLB season. As their playoff pushes kicks into high gear they will certainly have the support of a whole nation behind them—if they don’t already.

Winter in Qatar featuring the 2022 World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup was awarded to the nation of Qatar. The World Cup has always taken place in the summer months, the off-season for many European soccer nations. However, temperature concerns were brought to the attention of the organization, since summer in Qatar can average anywhere between 41 and 45 degrees Celsius. Last week, FIFA addressed the issue and decided to have the World Cup take place in November and finish in December, to coincide with Qatar’s winter months. Winter temperatures are more bearable, resting between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius, an atmosphere the players are more familiar and comfortable with. A winter World Cup would be a first and has sparked many fierce debates.

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