by Sam Obrand September 1, 2015

It’s only a few shorts sleeps until the National Football League kicks off for another season of  hard-nosed  good ol’ fashioned football. The NFL reels in $11.2 billion USD in annual revenue and has literally monopolized a day in the week: Sunday. I’m not sure if people realize this, so I wrote it again: a sport has taken over a day in the week, and as an added reminder, there are only seven days. The NFL HAS TAKEN ONE-SEVENTH OF OUR LIVES!

For some, Sunday might be a lazy couch potato, cocoa-sipping, Netflix-watching kind of day, but for my fellow NFL patrons out there, Sunday only translates to a comfortable seat placed in front of an oversized television.

We’re talkin’ drippin’ cheese nachos, tall frosty beers, fantasy football, tailgating, cheerleaders, mascots, extra points from just a further bit back, team colors, cheers, frustration, redzone tackles; TOUCHDOWN!!!! You woke the baby, trash-talking friends, trash-talking foes, and much more non-stop entertainment to let you forget about all the domestic abuse charges that took place over the summer.

You could be lazier than the backup quarterback if the starter stays healthy, who by the way has the best seat in the house and the best job in sports. Did I mention he doesn’t have to deal with a 6 foot, 5 inches, 300 pound steroid monkey who’s hell-bent on leaving you crippled?

Sure, starters get all the glory and if they’re good enough make upwards of $10 million for 16 weeks of work, but if they get hurt, they can get cut and left with nothing. Guess who makes an average of $600 000 to $2.1 million and receives full benefits… The backup! Worst case scenario, if all fails, there’s always the CFL and the free Canadian healthcare system.

Case in point, Sunday is the property of the National Football League and the backup QB is thriving in the midst of the best job in pro sports. Happy Football watching everyone.

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